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Avian Design provides open source web development to a variety of for-profit and non-profit clients. For a list of clients, both past and present, and descriptions of their projects, please view the Projects page.

Avian Design specializes in the use of open source web technologies such as PHP, CSS, MySQL, and X/HTML. Open-source technologies have evolved greatly in the last five years and now achieve unprecedented levels of functionality at within reasonable cost constraints.

In addition to providing web services, Avian Design was established as an environmentally progressive organization, actively supporting conservation organizations and initiatives on a global basis. Avian Design allocates a percentage of income directly to bird and habitat conservation.

Avian Approach: Avian Design specializes in the use of mature, stable, and secure open-source web technologies. Core technologies include PHP, CSS, MySQL, and X/HTML. Open-source systems such as WordPress are often employed because they utilize these technologies and because of their robust development communities. More »

Interface Design: The world doesn’t need any more digital atrocities. Avian Design focuses on web interface design that produces clarity and accessibility of content. Web users should be able to navigate through web sites to find what they need within three clicks. This is a core usability standard often discussed by Jakob Nielsen. More »

Programming: Web sites require frequent updates and content review to keep information accurate and useful. With WordPress for example, content updates can be made literally anytime, anywhere through a web browser. You don’t need to, and shouldn’t have to, learn Dreamweaver in order to manage your web site. More »

Project Portfolio: Avian Design provides web design and programming for a variety of for-profit, non-profit and artistic clients. Please see the sites linked below for a sample of Avian Design work. More »